Wolf Lake

📒Wolf Lake by John Verdon

Book Title : Wolf Lake
Author : John Verdon
Publisher : Counterpoint
Release Date : 2016-07-01
Pages : 375
ISBN : 9781619028074
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wolf Lake Summary : Could a nightmare be used as a murder weapon? That’s the provocative question confronting Gurney in the thrilling new installment in this series of international bestsellers. The former NYPD star homicide detective is called upon to solve a baffling puzzle: Four people who live in different parts of the country and who seem to have little in common, report having had the same dream—a terrifying nightmare involving a bloody dagger with a carved wolf’s head on the handle. All four are subsequently found with their wrists cut — apparent suicides — and the weapon used in each case was a wolf’s head dagger. Police zero in quickly on Richard Hammond, a controversial psychologist who conducts hypnotherapy sessions at a spooky old Adirondack inn called Wolf Lake Lodge. It seems that each of the victims had gone there to meet with Hammond shortly before turning up dead. Troubled by odd holes in the official approach to the case, Gurney begins his own investigation — an action that puts him in the crosshairs of not only an icy murderer and the local police but the darkest corner of the federal government. As ruthless as the blizzard trapping him in the sinister eeriness of Wolf Lake, Gurney’s enemies set out to keep him from the truth at any cost — including an all-out assault on the sanity of his beloved wife Madeleine. With his emotional resources strained to the breaking point, Gurney must throw himself into a deadly battle of wits with the most frightening opponent he has ever faced. Wolf Lake is the page-turning new work by a writer hailed by the New York Times as “masterly” — and it furthers the adventures of Dave Gurney, a detective reviewers have compared to Sherlock Holmes.

Book Title : Wolf Lake White Gown Blown Open
Author : Diane Seuss
Publisher : Univ of Massachusetts Press
Release Date : 2010
Pages : 66
ISBN : 1558498257
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wolf Lake White Gown Blown Open Summary : Winner of the Juniper Prize for Poetry. Seuss's poems grow out of the fertile soil of southwest Michigan, bursting any and all stereotypes of the Midwest and turning loose characters worthy of Faulkner in their obsession, their suffering, their dramas of love and sex and death.

Book Title : Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Wolf Lake Area Natural Gas Project
Author :
Publisher :
Release Date : 2000
Pages : 4
ISBN : NWU:35556031876857
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Wolf Lake Area Natural Gas Project Summary :

Book Title : Wolf Lake Part 4 Werewolf Shifter Romance
Author : Mac Flynn
Publisher : Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.
Release Date :
Pages : 40
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wolf Lake Part 4 Werewolf Shifter Romance Summary : Grace is confronted with the truth about her handsome neighbor. Now she must decide where her future lies, with the feral love of a werewolf or her only dreary life as a secretary. Choices become complicated when the other lake inhabitants learn about the wild beast running in the woods at night and enlist the help of the locals to catch and kill it. Time is running out as Grace finds herself on a collision course to destiny. Wolf Lake: Part Four is the fourth and final entry in the Wolf Lake serial, and is not intended to be read as a standalone story. KEYWORDS: new adult, mystery, paranormal, supernatural, fantasy, folklore, folktale, folk tale, legend, legends, myth, myths, action adventure, action, adventure, second chances, comedy, humor, horror, free, freebie, free book, free books, book, books, free ebook, ebook, free novel, rich, quick read, read, short, serial, series, college, funny, female protagonist, novel, secret, suspense, thriller, alpha male, literature, story, stories, hero, fiction, box, box set, boxed, boxed set, romance, free romance, free romance ebook, free romance ebooks, free romance book, free romance books, billionaire, wealthy, millionaire, women's fiction, legal, free romance novel, free romance books, billionaire romance, urban, contemporary, 21st century, current, historical, past, monster, creature, werewolf, shifter, shapeshifter, transform, wolf, demon

Book Title : Seinfeld Warehouse 13 Phantom Fringe Zorro Dowling Musketeers Kong Wolf Lake
Author : Jim Fenn
Publisher : Lulu.com
Release Date : 2014-07-01
Pages : 72
ISBN : 9781312320666
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Seinfeld Warehouse 13 Phantom Fringe Zorro Dowling Musketeers Kong Wolf Lake Summary : Join the hilarious adventures of Sign Felled, Eel Ann, Crammer, and Gorge; revisit Weird House 13 with Milky and Pert; The Phantasm, a sort of half Zorro/half Batman; the wild housewives of Hysteria Lane; a new Zorro who throws his hat. [Like Top Job of 'James Bond' fame. No? Nose Job? Snow Job? Day Job? Dye Job? Blow Dry? Ha! Got ya.]; Father Frankly Drowsing with Sister Sledge; the giant ape with the giant doors, Ding Dong; see D'Art'D'Onion at La Rochelle Rochelle; John Canine of Werewolf Lake; and many more.

Book Title : A Father s Stake Mills Boon Heartwarming The Carsons of Wolf Lake Book 3
Author : Mary Anne Wilson
Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Release Date : 2014-11-01
Pages : 200
ISBN : 9781474007931
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

A Father s Stake Mills Boon Heartwarming The Carsons of Wolf Lake Book 3 Summary : The ranch should have been his...

📒Wolf Lake by Jennifer Kohout

Book Title : Wolf Lake
Author : Jennifer Kohout
Publisher : Unbound Reality
Release Date : 2014-01-02
Pages : 681
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wolf Lake Summary : LEGEND The rules said they couldn't be together. But they had other plans. Orphaned at a young age, Samantha Parker always found comfort in myths and fantasies. Grown into a mature and beautiful, strong-willed intellectual, Sam sets out to discover the truths behind the stories she's always loved. But when she uncovers an actual werewolf pack, the world of myth and mystique become her new reality. Nefarious Kincaid has one duty: protect his pack, no matter the personal cost. Until now, it was a price he was willing to pay, but as Nefarious struggles to keep his pack's existence a secret he risks falling in love with the one woman who could ruin it all for them. As Sam grows closer to Nefarious, she realizes there are more differences between them than she ever imagined. Can they find a way to balance love and legend when both of their futures are the line? UNTAMED Can you tame the beast... ...when the beast was created in betrayal? Scorned, battered and betrayed, Natasha succumbs to the end, believing her life is over. But it's only just begun. Natasha's salvation comes in the form of a shapeshifting werewolf, Roland, who will do anything to save her. As their relationship heats up, so do the attacks from their enemies. Can two wild and untamed hearts find love if battle and betrayal brought them together? STORM: The award-winning conclusion to the Wolf Lake trilogy He's bound and determined to protect them all. She's the feisty spitfire who could get them all killed. Facing setbacks isn't easy for alpha Nefarious Kincaid–especially when they shatter his heart and ego. Hellbent on keeping his pack safe while protecting what means the most to him, Nefarious will stop at nothing to take down his enemy. But the pack's gamma, Jude, might just be the weak link that ruins it all. Having successfully fought her way to the top, Jude is determined to take her place alongside Nefarious and Roland as the pack’s leaders. But not everyone thinks she's up to the task. Unflinching in her desire to prove her strength and courage, Jude sets out to save the pack. But with time running out and danger closing in, can Jude show them who she really is before the real storm hits? These novels contains vivid descriptions of sex.

📒In Wolf Lake by D.K. Davis

Book Title : In Wolf Lake
Author : D.K. Davis
Publisher :
Release Date : 2017
Pages :
ISBN : 1772993913
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

In Wolf Lake Summary : Samantha's dealing with a lot of emotional blow-back from her mother's new marriage. Then she discovers a gifted creature living in Wolf Lake, and life suddenly becomes all about keeping his existence a secret, earning his trust.

📒Buried In Wolf Lake by Christine Husom

Book Title : Buried in Wolf Lake
Author : Christine Husom
Publisher : Second Wind Publishing
Release Date : 2009-08-01
Pages : 236
ISBN : 9781935171355
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Buried in Wolf Lake Summary : Sergeant Corky Aleckson and her detective in the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department have launched a full-scale investigation into the who, where and why of the dismembered young woman's leg that a family dog has brought home. Soon they discover they are up against an unidentified psychopath who targets women with specific physical features. They must learn the killer's identity before there are more brutally murdered victims.

📒Terror At Wolf Lake by Max Elliot Anderson

Book Title : Terror at Wolf Lake
Author : Max Elliot Anderson
Publisher : Tweener Press
Release Date : 2003-11-01
Pages : 141
ISBN : 097292566X
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Terror at Wolf Lake Summary : Eddy Thompson was known for one and one thing only. Eddy was a cheater. He cheated on anything, anytimne, anywhere, until something happened at Wolf Lake ... What happened would change Eddy's life ... forever.