📒Wayward Women by Holly Wardlow

Book Title : Wayward Women
Author : Holly Wardlow
Publisher : Univ of California Press
Release Date : 2006-05-08
Pages : 296
ISBN : 9780520938977
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wayward Women Summary : Written with uncommon grace and clarity, this extremely engaging ethnography analyzes female agency, gendered violence, and transactional sex in contemporary Papua New Guinea. Focusing on Huli "passenger women," (women who accept money for sex) Wayward Women explores the socio-economic factors that push women into the practice of transactional sex, and asks how these transactions might be an expression of resistance, or even revenge. Challenging conventional understandings of "prostitution" and "sex work," Holly Wardlow contextualizes the actions and intentions of passenger women in a rich analysis of kinship, bridewealth, marriage, and exchange, revealing the ways in which these robust social institutions are transformed by an encompassing capitalist economy. Many passenger women assert that they have been treated "olsem maket" (like market goods) by their husbands and natal kin, and they respond by fleeing home and defiantly appropriating their sexuality for their own purposes. Experiences of rape, violence, and the failure of kin to redress such wrongs figure prominently in their own stories about becoming "wayward." Drawing on village court cases, hospital records, and women’s own raw, caustic , and darkly funny narratives, Wayward Women provides a riveting portrait of the way modernity engages with gender to produce new and contested subjectivities.

📒Wayward by Blake Crouch

Book Title : Wayward
Author : Blake Crouch
Publisher : Center Point
Release Date : 2018
Pages : 500
ISBN : 1683246365
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wayward Summary : Welcome to Wayward Pines, population 461. The town is a modern-day Eden ... except for the electrified fence and razor wire, snipers scoping everything 24/7, and the relentless surveillance tracking each word and gesture. Ethan Burke has seen the world beyond. He's sheriff, and one of the few who knows the truth-- Wayward Pines isn't just a town. And what lies on the other side of the fence is a nightmare beyond anyone's imagining ...

📒Triangle by Mac Barnett

Book Title : Triangle
Author : Mac Barnett
Publisher : Candlewick Press
Release Date : 2019-03-05
Pages : 48
ISBN : 9781536210538
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Triangle Summary : Meet Triangle. He is going to play a sneaky trick on his friend, Square. Or so Triangle thinks. . . . With this first tale in a trilogy, partners in crime Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen will have readers wondering just who they can trust in a richly imagined world of shapes. Visually stunning and full of wry humor, here is a perfectly paced treat that could come only from the minds of two of today’s most irreverent — and talented — picture book creators.

📒Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

Book Title : Wayward Son
Author : Rainbow Rowell
Publisher : Macmillan Children's Books
Release Date : 2020-03-05
Pages : 416
ISBN : 1509896902
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wayward Son Summary : Wayward Son, the sequel to Carry On, is the stunning new YA novel by the bestselling author of Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell. With all of her signature wit and heart, this is Rainbow at her absolute best. The story is supposed to be over. Simon Snow did everything he was supposed to do. He beat the villain. He won the war. He even fell in love. Now comes the good part, right? Now comes the happily ever after... So why can't Simon Snow get off the couch? What he needs, according to his best friend, is a change of scenery. He just needs to see himself in a new light... That's how Simon and Penny and Baz end up in a vintage convertible, tearing across the American West. They find trouble, of course. (Dragons, vampires, skunk-headed things with shotguns.) And they get lost. They get so lost, they start to wonder whether they ever knew where they were headed in the first place... With Wayward Son, Rainbow Rowell has written a book for everyone who ever wondered what happened to the Chosen One after he saved the day. And a book for everyone who was ever more curious about the second kiss than the first. Come on, Simon Snow. Your hero's journey might be over - but your life has just begun.

📒Wayward Women by Lucy Williams

Book Title : Wayward Women
Author : Lucy Williams
Publisher : Pen and Sword
Release Date : 2016-01-31
Pages : 208
ISBN : 9781473844889
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wayward Women Summary : We most often think of the Victorian female offender in her most archetypal and stereotypical roles; the polite lady shoplifter, stowing all manner of valuables beneath her voluminous crinolines, the tragic street waif of Dickensian fiction or the vicious femme fatale who wreaked her terrible revenge with copious poison. Yet the stories in popular novels and the ‘Penny Dreadfuls’ of the day have passed down to us only half the story of these women and their crimes. From the everyday street scuffles and pocket pickings of crowded slums, to the sensational trials that dominated national headlines; the women of Victorian England were responsible for a diverse and at times completely unexpected level of deviance. This book takes a closer look at women and crime in the Victorian period. With vivid real-life stories, powerful photos, eye-opening cases and wider discussions that give us an insightful illustration of the lives of the women responsible for them. This history of brawlers, thieves, traffickers and sneaks shows individuals navigating a world where life was hard and resources were scarce. Their tales are of poverty, opportunism, violence, hope and despair; but perhaps most importantly, the story of survival in the ruthless world of the past.

Book Title : Wayward Volume 1
Author : Jim Zub
Publisher : Image Comics
Release Date : 2015-04-07
Pages : 144
ISBN : 1632151731
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wayward Volume 1 Summary : Rori Lane is trying to start a new life when she reunites with her mother in Japan, but ancient creatures lurking in the shadows of Tokyo sense something hidden deep within her, threatening everything she holds dear. Can Rori unlock the secrets of her power before it's too late? Jim Zub (Samurai Jack, Skullkickers), Steve Cummings (Legends of the Dark Knight, Deadshot), and John Rauch (Invincible) team-up to create an all-new Image supernatural spectacle that combines the camaraderie and emotion of Buffy with the action and mystery of Hellboy. This volume collects the first five issues of the acclaimed comic series, Wayward.

Book Title : A Company of Wayward Saints
Author : George Herman
Publisher : Samuel French, Inc.
Release Date : 1966
Pages : 90
ISBN : 0573607222
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

A Company of Wayward Saints Summary :

📒Wayward Anne by Curtis Yorke

Book Title : Wayward Anne
Author : Curtis Yorke
Publisher :
Release Date : 1910
Pages : 341
ISBN : NYPL:33433074877956
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wayward Anne Summary :

📒Wayward Nuns In Medieval Literature by Graciela S. Daichman

Book Title : Wayward Nuns in Medieval Literature
Author : Graciela S. Daichman
Publisher : Syracuse University Press
Release Date : 1986-11-01
Pages : 242
ISBN : 0815623798
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wayward Nuns in Medieval Literature Summary : Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph. D.--Rice).

📒Wayward Reproductions by Alys Eve Weinbaum

Book Title : Wayward Reproductions
Author : Alys Eve Weinbaum
Publisher : Duke University Press
Release Date : 2004-06-02
Pages : 362
ISBN : 9780822385820
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Wayward Reproductions Summary : Wayward Reproductions breaks apart and transfigures prevailing understandings of the interconnection among ideologies of racism, nationalism, and imperialism. Alys Eve Weinbaum demonstrates how these ideologies were founded in large part on what she calls “the race/reproduction bind”––the notion that race is something that is biologically reproduced. In revealing the centrality of ideas about women’s reproductive capacity to modernity’s intellectual foundations, Weinbaum highlights the role that these ideas have played in naturalizing oppression. She argues that attention to how the race/reproduction bind is perpetuated across national and disciplinary boundaries is a necessary part of efforts to combat racism. Gracefully traversing a wide range of discourses––including literature, evolutionary theory, early anthropology, Marxism, feminism, and psychoanalysis––Weinbaum traces a genealogy of the race/reproduction bind within key intellectual formations of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She examines two major theorists of genealogical thinking—Friedrich Nietzsche and Michel Foucault—and unearths the unacknowledged ways their formulations link race and reproduction. She explores notions of kinship and the replication of racial difference that run through Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s work; Marxist thinking based on Friedrich Engel’s The Origin of the Family; Charles Darwin’s theory of sexual selection; and Sigmund Freud’s early studies on hysteria. She also describes W. E. B. Du Bois’s efforts to transcend ideas about the reproduction of race that underwrite citizenship and belonging within the United States. In a coda, Weinbaum brings the foregoing analysis to bear on recent genomic and biotechnological innovations.