The Silent History

Book Title : The Silent History
Author : Eli Horowitz
Publisher : FSG Originals
Release Date : 2014-06-10
Pages : 528
ISBN : 9780374710941
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Silent History Summary : A generation of children forced to live without words. It begins as a statistical oddity: a spike in children born with acute speech delays. Physically normal in every way, these children never speak and do not respond to speech; they don't learn to read, don't learn to write. As the number of cases grows to an epidemic level, theories spread. Maybe it's related to a popular antidepressant; maybe it's environmental. Or maybe these children have special skills all their own. The Silent History unfolds in a series of brief testimonials from parents, teachers, friends, doctors, cult leaders, profiteers, and impostors (everyone except, of course, the children themselves), documenting the growth of the so-called silent community into an elusive, enigmatic force in itself—alluring to some, threatening to others. Both a bold storytelling experiment and a propulsive reading experience, Eli Horowitz, Matthew Derby, and Kevin Moffett's The Silent History is at once thrilling, timely, and timeless.

đź“’Silent History by Peter K. Andersson

Book Title : Silent History
Author : Peter K. Andersson
Publisher : McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Release Date : 2018-10-29
Pages :
ISBN : 9780773555471
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Silent History Summary : The written and verbal traces of the past have been extensively studied by historians, but what about the nonverbal traces? In recent years, historians have expanded their attention to other kinds of sources, but seldom have they taken into account the most vital and omnipresent nonverbal aspect of life – body language. Silent History explores the potential of early photography to uncover the structure and nature of everyday body language in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Through a close study of street photography by pioneering photographers who were the first to document urban everyday life with hidden cameras, Peter Andersson examines a key period of history in a new light. By focusing on a number of body poses and gestures common to the nonverbal communication of the fin de siècle, he reveals the identifications and connotations of daily social interaction beyond the written word. Andersson also depicts a broader picture of the body and its relationship to popular culture by placing photographic analysis within a context of magazine illustration, caricature, music-hall entertainment, and the elusive urban subcultures of the day. Studying archival photographs from Austria, England, and Sweden, Silent History provides a clear picture of the emergence of the modern bodily conventions that still define us.

Book Title : Reinterpreting a silent history
Author : Leslie Brett Kirchler
Publisher :
Release Date : 2005
Pages : 788
ISBN : UOM:39015062412773
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Reinterpreting a silent history Summary :

Book Title : Small Powers in the Age of Total War 1900 1940
Author : Herman Amersfoort
Publisher : BRILL
Release Date : 2011-04-11
Pages : 372
ISBN : 9789004203211
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Small Powers in the Age of Total War 1900 1940 Summary : In the period 1900-1940 the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland reacted in divergent ways to the same foreign military threats. This volume argues that their internal politics and politico-military strategic culture are vital keys to understanding those differences.

Book Title : History of the United Netherlands From the Death of William the Silent to the Twelve Year s Truce Complete 1584 1609
Author : John Lothrop Motley
Publisher : Library of Alexandria
Release Date :
Pages :
ISBN : 9781465549341
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

History of the United Netherlands From the Death of William the Silent to the Twelve Year s Truce Complete 1584 1609 Summary :

đź“’Silent History by Thomaira E. Babbit

Book Title : Silent History
Author : Thomaira E. Babbit
Publisher :
Release Date : 2011
Pages : 304
ISBN : OCLC:835665168
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Silent History Summary : "This study examines the nationalist tendencies of Israeli archaeological policies and practices, but also that nation's infringement on Palestine's cultural patrimony claims and identity. Despite the international community's continuous efforts to pose recommendations in support of protecting the world's cultural heritage, regardless of any particular nationality, ethnicity, or religious affiliation, the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict has infiltrated and politicized the field of archaeology's credibility in the region. Therefore, as an alternative measure to address one aspect of the serious tensions existing between the two populations, this thesis will demonstrate how Israeli and Palestinian relations might significantly improve if the Jewish State not only recognized the indigenous community's ancient history and culture, but then subsequently adopted a repatriation policy similar to the United States' Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). Although the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is extremely political and complex by nature, this study neither dwells on nor emphasizes the turbulent diplomatic troubles between these dominant societies of Palestine; nor will it detail the long and extensive abuses perpetrated by the United States against Native Americans, which inevitably led to the creation of NAGPRA. Rather, this thesis argues on the side of international,cultural and patrimony laws, and attempts, while building upon the works and contributions of others, to create a new synthesized understanding of the current cultural dispute. Additionally, the study emphasizes many components - nationalism being the most important - that have predetermined Israel's monopoly over the region's heritage and examines the guidelines, those of both American and international origin, which support the protection and recognition of indigenous populations' history and material remains. This work argues that 1) Palestinian artifacts and historical remains be returned to the Palestinian people 2) puts the role of cultural patrimony into the context of present-day, enumerated international conventions, and 3) uses the NAGPRA model of repatriation as the means to implement international law. Lastly, the purpose of this project is not to call into question the right of existence for an Israeli or Palestinian sovereign territory; rather, it seeks to address the historical and archaeological material remains left from the ancient, indigenous communities of the region. As an alternative to addressing the issues in the area, this study argues that it is in the best interest for both Israeli and Palestinian communities to recognize the rich-history and culturally diverse material remains of the peoples of the land. By recognizing and respecting the value of cultural history and its remnants, hopefully, both sides can begin the process of transferring that mutual respect to the political realm to address ongoing cultural disputes." --Abstract.

đź“’The Colors Of The New World by Diana Magaloni Kerpel

Book Title : The Colors of the New World
Author : Diana Magaloni Kerpel
Publisher : Getty Publications
Release Date : 2014-07-01
Pages : 80
ISBN : 9781606063293
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Colors of the New World Summary : In August 1576, in the midst of an outbreak of the plague, the Spanish Franciscan friar Bernardino de Sahagún and twenty-two indigenous artists locked themselves inside the school of Santa Cruz de Tlaltelolco in Mexico City with a mission: to create nothing less than the first illustrated encyclopedia of the New World. Today this twelve-volume manuscript is preserved in the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana in Florence and is widely known as the Florentine Codex. A monumental achievement, the Florentine Codex is the single most important artistic and historical document for studying the peoples and cultures of pre-Hispanic and colonial Central Mexico. It reflects both indigenous and Spanish traditions of writing and painting, including parallel columns of text in Spanish and Nahuatl and more than two thousand watercolor illustrations prepared in European and Aztec pictorial styles. This volume reveals the complex meanings inherent in the selection of the pigments used in the manuscript, offering a fascinating look into a previously hidden symbolic language. Drawing on cuttingedge approaches in art history, anthropology, and the material sciences, the book sheds new light on one of the world’s great manuscripts—and on a pivotal moment in the early modern Americas.

Book Title : Pedagogy Printing and Protestantism
Author : Carmen Luke
Publisher : SUNY Press
Release Date : 1989-01-01
Pages : 171
ISBN : 9781438411439
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Pedagogy Printing and Protestantism Summary : Using Foucault’s history of discourse, this book examines the relationship between the invention of the printing press and the evolution of concepts regarding childhood and schooling. It is an interdisciplinary study of schooling, childhood, literacy, and protestantism in 16th-century Germany. Luke traces the agenda for the rearing and education of the young as outlined by the Protestant reformers and popularized by the advent of printing. Luther’s print-based religious campaign led to his call for universal public schooling to promote literacy — a fundamental requirement of the new theology. Luke identifies the development of an emergent discourse on childhood in the reformer’s tracts, school ordinances, personal correspondences, conduct, and household and medical guides. From a Foucauldian archeological perspective, then, Pedogogy, Printing, and Protestantism examines the conditions that enabled the emergence of early modern discourse on childhood.

Book Title : The Silent World of Doctor and Patient
Author : Jay Katz
Publisher : JHU Press
Release Date : 2002-10-10
Pages : 263
ISBN : 0801857805
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Silent World of Doctor and Patient Summary : Historically, the doctor-patient relationship has been based on a one-way trust--despite recent judicial attempts to give patients a greater voice. Seeing a growing need for more honest and complete communication between physician and patient, Dr. Jay Katz advocates a new, informed dialogue that respects the rights and needs of both sides. A new Preface outlines changes since the book's publication in 1984.

Book Title : Love and Trust and Somesuch Spells
Author : Maki Lam
Publisher : makiaea press
Release Date : 2008-10
Pages : 62
ISBN : 9781848740013
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Love and Trust and Somesuch Spells Summary :