The Silent Dragon

đź“’The Silent Dragon by Irene Radford

Book Title : The Silent Dragon
Author : Irene Radford
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2013-02-19
Pages : 400
ISBN : 9781101635544
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Silent Dragon Summary : In a realm on the brink of war, will an unsuspected heir to the kingdom of Coronnan and to magic long-banished from the land offer the only hope for survival? Glenndon--son of witchwoman Brevelan and Jaylor, Senior Magician and Chancellor of the University of Magicians--has never spoken aloud. He has no need because his telepathic talent is strong and everyone associated with the University can "hear" him. He can throw master-level spells, but because he will not speak, Jaylor has refused to promote him from apprentice to journeyman magician. Still, everyone knows it is only a matter of time until Glenndon will take his rightful place at the University. Then an urgent missive arrives from King Darville. The Council of Provinces is near rebellion over the king's lack of a male heir. Rather than see his fourteen-year-old daughter, Rosselinda, married off just to procure an heir, he orders his illegitimate son Glenndon to Coronnan City to become his successor. And suddenly Glenndon's world is in chaos. The man he's always known as his father is not. Instead he is the son of the king. But in this city where court politics can prove deadly and where magic is forbidden, the young man must hide his talents even as he struggles to find his voice and his destiny. And one slip could see Glenndon, Darville, Rosselinda, and even Jaylor doomed, for the lords and the people fear magic more than potential invasion, legendary monsters, and civil war.

đź“’Silent Dragon by Andy Diggle

Book Title : Silent Dragon
Author : Andy Diggle
Publisher : Wildstorm
Release Date : 2006-07-01
Pages : 141
ISBN : 1401211046
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Silent Dragon Summary : "Tokyo, A.D. 2063. Renjiro is chief advisor to Japan's most notorious gangster: the Yakuza warlord Hideaki. Under his guidance, the Black Dragon Clan has seized total control of Honshu's underworld, ruthlessly crushing any and all opposition. But Hideaki dreams of even greater glories-- namely, the overthrown of the government itself!"--Cover.

Book Title : Dragon Age Volume 1 The Silent Grove
Author : David Gaider
Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
Release Date : 2012-08-07
Pages : 80
ISBN : 9781621154679
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Dragon Age Volume 1 The Silent Grove Summary : Dragon Age: The Silent Grove is the perfect introduction to BioWare's dark fantasy universe! In this essential, canonical story from David Gaider, lead writer of the games, King Alistair, accompanied only by rogues Isabela and Varric, embarks on a quest deep inside the borders of Antiva—a nation of assassins! Together, they will encounter a prison break, dragons, the mysterious Witch of the Wilds, and one of the greatest secrets in the history of the world! * Story by David Gaider, lead writer of the Dragon Age games and novels! * Collecting Dragon Age #1–#6!

Book Title : Leon Davith Legends of Dragons Swords and Sorcery
Author : James Blackthorne
Publisher : James Kieley
Release Date : 2014-08-24
Pages : 342
ISBN : 9781500385804
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Leon Davith Legends of Dragons Swords and Sorcery Summary : Title Leon Davith Grand Wizard – Legends of Dragons – Swords and Sorcery Bard is the son of a Grand Wizard that feigns his death the pretense allows Leon Davith to observe his son from afar unsuspectingly. The Arch Wizard regards his protégé as his greatest creation. The bronze Golem pays homage to his father. Even thus, the true hero of the story hurdles from one escapade to the next hoping to solve the world's evils. The crystal swallowing Golem was waist-deep in peril. Even so, the warrior travels in the fellowship of an enchanting Wizard-ess called Quill who was capable of casting spells adept at making love with her eyes. In the process, Bard exercises self-control even then; the prudent warrior comes to grips with his plights even though facing incredible odds. Currently, Leon Davith suffered from a stroke of hard luck that was the ultimate cause of dissatisfaction; he claimed his suffering was the outcome of a bad heart torpid liver, including gallstones combined with financial insolvency. However, with all that happened, he realized that whatever illness or misfortune can be tolerated by most individuals with some degree of submission providing the victim's ailments are not affected by the supernatural. Leon by all odds was a strong case; never at any time did anyone hear so much as a whine. Even so, his fears were unfounded of course, only a few of his gifted associates could predict the future or read into a crystal ball. When Leon reached the bottom of the stairs, he heaved his own sigh. A sigh of relief. Consequently, his esoteric knowledge of this fact eased his conscience somewhat. In the meantime, Leon frequented a secluded spot in his castle, to study the art of magic along with its effects. Leon stated. "Love is born when a man finally escapes the age long prison of himself." After his statement, the Grand Wizard let his demands for secrecy be known throughout his fortress. Leon reasoned what his companions didn't know, couldn't spill from their mouths. Could this passionate and determined Magician fill his role as a dedicated Warrior and Father?

đź“’The Broken Dragon by Irene Radford

Book Title : The Broken Dragon
Author : Irene Radford
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2014-01-07
Pages : 384
ISBN : 9781101637371
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Broken Dragon Summary : Glenndon, raised by the witchwoman Brevelan and Jaylor, Senior Magician and Chancellor of the University of Magicians, has now been established as the son of King Darville and heir to the throne of Coronnan. But there is still much unrest within the realm. Both old and new enemies are plotting to overhrow the king and seize control of Coronnan and dragon magic. Even as attacks come from unexpected sources, Jaylor is forced to send his twin daughters on their journeymen missions, escorting two noble ladies to their far-distant homes. Though Lillian and Valeria have never felt complete without one another, they will soon have to travel separate pathways to see their ladies home. Lily is robust and has an affinity with plants and their healing properties but no recognized magical ability. Val has an unmatchable talent and like Glenndon the imagination to work magic in unusual ways. But using magic costs the spell-thrower physically and Val is frail; she needs to find solutions to problems without drawing too heavily on her talent. Caught in a vast spell-created storm that spreads chaos from the heart of Coronnan City to the caravans the girls are traveling with, can all the scattered children of Jaylor and Brevelan find the means to save both the kingdom and their family?

Book Title : The Wandering Dragon
Author : Irene Radford
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2014-08-05
Pages : 384
ISBN : 9781101637364
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Wandering Dragon Summary : The magical threat to Coronnan defeated, and the people of the kingdom working to rebuild their shattered realm, Lukan—son of the witchwoman Brevelan and Jaylor, the Chancellor of the University of Magicians—is determined to break free of his family’s shadow and find his own place in the world. He has finally achieved journeyman magician status, but he needs a special goal, a quest to complete his training. Wanting the quest to take him far from home and family, Lukan focuses on finding and rescuing his long-lost mentor, Master Robb. The search will send him overseas to Amazonia along with the bard Skeller, who had won Lukan’s sister Lily’s heart but had been forced to leave her in the aftermath of a deadly incident. Now Skeller is returning to his own kingdom to take up the responsibilities of the king’s son, a duty he never wanted to face. But what awaits Lukan and Skeller in the land of Amazonia is a series of terrifying challenges—a mad king, a power-hungry witch, a people held captive by fear, and the very monsters that had nearly destroyed all of Coronnan! Can a journeyman magician and an unwilling prince overcome the threats they must face to free a kingdom and rescue a master mage?

Book Title : The Dragon Book
Author : Jack Dann
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2009-11-03
Pages : 448
ISBN : 1101151269
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Dragon Book Summary : "Strong storytelling and new takes on a beloved fantasy topic result in a welcome addition to the literature of dragons." (Library Journal) Whether portrayed as fire-breathing reptilian beasts or as noble creatures of power and grace, dragons have been found in nearly every culture's mythology. Now, in The Dragon Book, today's greatest fantasists reignite the fire... Includes stories by New York Times bestselling authors Jonathan Stroud, Gregory Maguire, Garth Nix, Diana Gabaldon, Tamora Pierce, Harry Turtledove, Sean Williams, and Tad Williams, as well as tales by Peter Beagle, Jane Yolen, Adam Stemple, Cecelia Holland, Naomi Novik, Kage Baker, Samuel Sykes, Diana Wynne Jones, Mary Rosenblum, Tanith Lee, Andy Duncan, and Bruce Coville.

đź“’Silent Warrior by Lindsey Piper

Book Title : Silent Warrior
Author : Lindsey Piper
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2013-04-22
Pages : 80
ISBN : 9781476713250
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Silent Warrior Summary : An exciting, emotionally charged prequel to the Dragon Kings trilogy featuring warriors fighting for their lives in violent cage matches to guarantee their clans’ survival—available exclusively as an eBook! A silent woman ashamed of her criminal background becomes a Cage warrior to seek redemption. An unrepentant fortune hunter will do anything to escape his mounting debts. Although rivals on the streets of Hong Kong, they find common ground when seeking their clan’s stolen idol, but for vastly different reasons. Neither one suspects that love will begin when he becomes the first man in five years to hear her speak.

Book Title : The Excalibur Alternative
Author : David Weber
Publisher : Baen Books
Release Date : 2002-01-01
Pages : 320
ISBN : 9780671318604
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Excalibur Alternative Summary : This novel is based on a much shorter version published in David Drake's "Foreign Legions".

Book Title : Revealing the Dragons Stonefire Dragons 3
Author : Jessie Donovan
Publisher : Mythical Lake Press, LLC
Release Date : 2015-02-27
Pages :
ISBN : 9781942211129
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Revealing the Dragons Stonefire Dragons 3 Summary : STONEFIRE DRAGONS BOOK 3 This novella is not a standalone. Please read the boxed sets of Sacrificed to the Dragon and Seducing the Dragon first. After more than a year, Melanie Hall-MacLeod finally releases her book about dragon-shifters. Everything seems peaceful until her first public appearance. Tristan wants nothing more than to whisk his mate and two children off to safety, but Mel refuses to hide. As the danger increases and threatens his new family, Tristan battles the need to protect his mate with the need to make her happy. Melanie is determined to change the future for her children and all dragon-shifter in the UK. Is it even possible? Or, will they be forced into hiding for the rest of their lives? Read to find out! 29,000+ words / 18+, explicit language and sexual situations / HEA and no cliffhanger Keywords: dragon-shifters, dragons, paranormal romance, BBW, humor, action, babies, shapeshifter Stonefire Dragons Reading Order: #1 – Sacrificed to the Dragon#2 – Seducing the Dragon#3 – Revealing the Dragons#4 – Healed by the Dragon#5 – Reawakening the Dragon