The Innocents

đź“’The Innocents by Taryn Simon

Book Title : The Innocents
Author : Taryn Simon
Publisher : Umbrage Editions
Release Date : 2003
Pages : 103
ISBN : 9781884167188
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Innocents Summary : Offers the faces and voices of individuals falsely accused and convicted of crimes, presenting the stories of innocent men and women who were imprisoned for years before they obtained postconviction exonerations.

đź“’The Innocents by Caroline Seebohm

Book Title : The Innocents
Author : Caroline Seebohm
Publisher : Algonquin Books
Release Date : 2007
Pages : 288
ISBN : 9781565125001
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Innocents Summary : Born into a world of wealth and privilege in early twentieth-century New York City, identical twins Dorothea and Iris Crosby are confronted by the perils and hardships around them, first by the devastating and deadly Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, and then by the horrors of the First World War, during which they become volunteers with the Red Cross.

đź“’The Innocents by Richard Barre

Book Title : The Innocents
Author : Richard Barre
Publisher : Down & Out Books
Release Date : 2011-09-05
Pages :
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Innocents Summary : Winner of the 1996 Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel! There are seven of them. Children—innocents—whose long-buried remains are uncovered by a flash-flood. No one knows who could have committed such a crime. Clues are scarce, and with the media turning the story into a law enforcement nightmare, time is short. Only Wil Hardesty, a private eye who has more in common with the case than anyone knows, is willing to push hard enough—and dig deep enough—to find the cruelest of killers. The killer of The Innocents … Praise for THE INNOCENTS … “Author Richard Barre kicked off his Wil Hardesty series with this smart, psychologically nuanced first novel, which garnered a 1996 Shamus Award. The plot is gripping, the dialogue sharp, and the villains very villainous indeed, but the character of Wil Hardesty is what separates this mystery from the rest of the pack. More than just another private-eye-with-a-troubled-past, Hardesty is both complicated and flawed, a very real human who brings a lifetime’s worth of pain, passion, and guilt to bear on solving this crime.” —Publishers Weekly “Sober, understated, intense.” —Kirkus Reviews “Up-close and personal narrative…nicely convoluted plot.” —Library Journal “Crisp, street-smart dialogue; a likable protagonist; and very nasty villains…a solid debut.” —Booklist “Impressive.” —San Francisco Examiner “Excellent…the writing is so good.” —The Oregonian “Walking in the shadows of everyone from Ross Macdonald to Lawrence Block, Barre still manages to find something original to say. The book’s strength comes from the chances it takes…fresh characters…clever plot twists.” —Chicago Tribune “Hardesty is remarkably evolved as a character in his first outing. [He] could be you or me or a neighbor, a person trying hard to survive a few of life’s dirtier tricks. He has stature.” —The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) “Barre delivers…an engrossing mystery that moves quickly in prose that is as sleek and muscular as its protagonist. This first outing easily handles, then transcends, the genre requisites for a lively, intense read. Reserve a long evening for this one…it delivers the tension and pace that readers demand.” —Santa Barbara News Press “One of the best mysteries of the year.” —Firsts Magazine “The Innocents is a truly powerful and moving novel, going beyond the private eye genre as only the best authors do. Let’s hope that is only the first of a long and significant series.” —Otto Penzler, Mysterious Press “Barre is a skilled writer, an uncanny observer and comes equipped with an uncommonly good ear for dialogue. Wil Hardesty, is a most welcome addition to the pantheon of private detectives.” —Ross Thomas, author of Out on the Rim “A truly powerful and moving novel…an intriguing world of mystery, deceit and murder. Richard Barre is a skilled writer and The Innocents is a gripping story.” —Michael Connelly, author of The Fifth Witness “A great read. Barre has a great command of all the elements—plot, character, and individual scenes. I suspect and hope that Wil Hardesty will be around crime fiction for many novels to come.” —James Crumley, author of Dancing Bear “Will Hardesty is a man with a lot of pain and a lot of pride, a man with a mission: a man you should meet. In a world of fake and fabrication, The Innocents is the real thing.” —Stephen Greenleaf, author of False Conception “The Innocents is a powerful novel…of action and suspense that is, in the end, a voyage of self-discovery.” —Michael Collins, author of Crimes and Misdemeanors

đź“’The Innocents by Lili Peloquin

Book Title : The Innocents
Author : Lili Peloquin
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2012-10-16
Pages : 288
ISBN : 9781101589175
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Innocents Summary : Even the innocent don't kiss and tell... “…the quick pacing will keep readers engrossed in this series kickoff as Alice and Charlie try to sort through the soap opera that is their new lives and figure out who they can trust. It’s Gossip Girl for Connecticut’s Gold Coast.” –Publishers Weekly The Innocents weaves a saga of nail-biting drama, breathless romance, and gothic mystery perfect for fans of ABC's Revenge. Though they share the same blood, Alice and Charlie couldn’t be more different. Alice is older (by one year and one day), shy and reserved, a cool blonde, a painter, a reader, a thinker. Charlie is feisty and uninhibited, a wild brunette, the kind of girl who punches a bully right in the mouth. They hate each other. They love each other. They stand by each other, when no one else will. They’re sisters. Then their parents divorce. Soon, Alice, Charlie, and their mother are leaving their old life behind. They’re saying goodbye to their cramped Cambridge apartment and driving along the rocky Connecticut coastline—to their stepfather's summer estate in the wealthy town of Serenity Point. The minute they drive through the gates, they wish they never had. Their arrival reopens old wounds, memories of lost loves, best friends—and bitter rivals. The people of Serenity Point thought the past was dead and buried. They were wrong.

đź“’The Innocents by Francesca Segal

Book Title : The Innocents
Author : Francesca Segal
Publisher : Random House
Release Date : 2012-05-03
Pages : 448
ISBN : 9781446484753
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Innocents Summary : WINNER OF THE COSTA FIRST NOVEL AWARD 2012 LONGLISTED FOR THE WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION 2013 WINNER OF THE BETTY TRASK AWARD 2013 WINNER OF THE SAMI ROHR PRIZE FOR JEWISH LITERATURE 2013 What if everything you’d ever wanted was no longer enough? Adam and Rachel are getting married at last. Childhood sweethearts whose lives and families have been intertwined for years; theirs is set to be the wedding of the year. But then Rachel’s cousin Ellie makes an unexpected return to the family fold. Beautiful, reckless and troubled, Ellie represents everything that Adam has tried all his life to avoid – and everything that is missing from his world. As the long-awaited wedding approaches, Adam is torn between duty and temptation, security and freedom, and must make a choice that will break either one heart, or many. ' astonishingly accomplished debut which will draw comparisons between Segal and Zadie Smith and Monica Ali' Stylist

Book Title : The Innocents Abroad
Author : Mark Twain
Publisher : BookRix
Release Date : 2018-10-17
Pages : 765
ISBN : 9783736802254
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Innocents Abroad Summary : The Innocents Abroad is a travel book by American author Mark Twain which humorously chronicles what Twain called his "Great Pleasure Excursion" on board the chartered vessel Quaker City through Europe and the Holy Land with a group of American travelers. It was the best selling of Twain's works during his lifetime and one of the best selling travel books of all time. The excursion upon which the book is based was billed as a Holy Land expedition, with numerous stops along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as a train excursion from Marseilles, France to Paris, and a side trip through the Black Sea to Odessa, all before the ultimate pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Twain recorded his observations and critiques of various aspects of culture and society he met on the journey, some more serious than others, which gradually turned from witty and comedic to biting and bitter as he drew closer to the Holy Land. Once in the Holy Land proper, his tone shifted again, this time to a combination of light-hearted comedy and a reverence not unlike what he had previously mocked in his traveling companions.

Book Title : The Innocents Abroad Or the New Pilgrims Progress
Author : Mark Twain
Publisher : Digital Scanning Inc
Release Date : 2000-12
Pages : 692
ISBN : 1582182485
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Innocents Abroad Or the New Pilgrims Progress Summary : Innocents Abroad began as a series of travel letters written by Mark Twain mainly for the Alta California, a San Francisco paper that sponsored his participation in the trip to Europe and the Holy Land in 1867 aboard the steamship Quaker City. On the excursion from New York to Palestine they traveled a distance of over 20,000 miles by land and sea through France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Russia, Turkey and Egypt. Through his humorous and insightful writings, Twain describes countries, nations, incidents and his amazing adventures.

đź“’Dance Of The Innocents by Todd R. Lockwood

Book Title : Dance of the Innocents
Author : Todd R. Lockwood
Publisher : iUniverse
Release Date : 2011-08-18
Pages : 284
ISBN : 1462011853
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Dance of the Innocents Summary : Imagine a city of a half million people, an average American city where everyone is going about their daily routine. But unknown to them, something much larger is going on: the city is involved in a grand dance. Only one man can see it, but he's at a loss to explain what it is. That becomes the quest of David Peters. David Peters has been unemployed for months. The former brilliant marketing guy is caught in a relentless downward spiral. He's been wearing the same T-shirt for weeks, his lawn looks like a hayfield, the car is belching blue smoke, and his wife is ready to kill him. He's convinced the government is behind it all. Tired of pointless job interviews, David divides his time between coffee at a local diner and do-it-yourself science explorations. During one of these explorations David devises a new twist on time-lapse photography, revealing secret patterns of behavior in everyday life. He combines his time-lapse ingenuity with satellite images to uncover patterns on a grand scale. Now, if only someone would take him seriously. The government takes David quite seriously when they realize he has uncovered a human catastrophe they are desperately trying to hide. When his wife becomes a victim herself, David's conspiracy theories become all too real. He seeks the advice of an expert, only to discover that he has tapped into a primal legacy, and the government wants a piece of it. At every turn the stakes get larger, until finally David finds himself at the crossroads of good and evil. Now his creativity and brilliance will be put to the ultimate test. The future of humanity is on the line.

Book Title : The Hour of the Innocents
Author : Robert Paston
Publisher : Forge Books
Release Date : 2014-05-20
Pages : 320
ISBN : 9781466815407
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Hour of the Innocents Summary : 1968. Vietnam. Social turmoil. Drugs. Music. Four young musicians are determined to escape a ravaged industrial landscape by playing rock and roll...and they play it with a passion and brilliance that contrasts with their poverty. Music is the only hope they have. Set against a fleeting age when music seemed about to change the world, Robert Paston's The Hour of the Innocents tells the story of the band known as The Innocents and captures the true drama of the late 1960s—not the glitter of famous names, but the yearning of the heartland guitarists and drummers who believed...and the lovers, friends, and lives crushed along the way. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Book Title : The Camp of the Innocents
Author : Yasen Kalaidjieff
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release Date : 2011-07
Pages : 168
ISBN : 9781462846535
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Camp of the Innocents Summary : The greater part of the book is based on a true story and describes the experiences of a boy in a summer camp, where he learns many of the lessons of life in the difficult way. In a broader aspect, it is about man, who possesses the quality of a leader, but the system turns him into a loser. The action only seemingly develops in a smaller country of the Balkans, Europe, during its early post-communist period. Human relations viewed are independent of place and time and of the age of the characters, as it is no secret that children's world is a reflection of a purer type of the world of adults. This is a book about the collision between good and evil, about truth and lie, about dignity and humiliation, about friendship and betrayal... But besides drama, there is also humour in it; besides violence, there is nobility and also philosophical and psychological thinking, entwined in the dynamic action.