Memos To Shitty People 2

📒Memos To Shitty People by James Alexander

Book Title : Memos to Shitty People
Author : James Alexander
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2016-03-31
Pages : 86
ISBN : 1530790611
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Memos to Shitty People Summary : A Stress-Relieving Hilarious Coloring Book * Do you have a terrible, incompetent neighbor? * Does your annoying coworker never shut up? * Do you have to deal with shitty people every day? * Are you trying to find an unique novelty gift for your best friend? Sometimes, you just need to SWEAR at someone... Join the foulmouthed masses and unwind with Memos to Shitty People, an adult coloring book. Color designs featuring humorous and delightfully vulgar phrases like "Seriously, Bitch?" and "Oh look... the fuck-up fairy has visited!". Each page is replete with cute innocent animals, hidden critters, beautiful flowers and foliage... color away while letting the steam out. Enjoy mindfulness and relaxation with this brilliant anti-stress therapy, also the perfect gag-gift! This beautiful coloring book features: * More Than 30 Delightful Phrases to Color * Beautiful Designs with Intricate Details * Hidden Critters to Find Amongst the Leaves! * Single-Sided Pages at 8.5 x 11" * Includes Digital PDF Bonus Inside the Book Order now and get started. Your inner peace is waiting, and it has some choice words for you. TAGS: adult coloring books, adult coloring book, coloring books for grown-ups, coloring books for adults, coloring book for adults, adult coloring books swear words, adult coloring books best sellers, adult coloring books stress relieving patterns, adult coloring books for women, adult coloring books for men, adult coloring books animals, adult coloring books dogs, adult coloring books cats, adult coloring books flowers, leafy animals coloring book, leafy animals james alexander

📒Shit Happens by James Alexander

Book Title : Shit Happens
Author : James Alexander
Publisher : Random House
Release Date : 2016-11-03
Pages : 80
ISBN : 9780753545683
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Shit Happens Summary : Sometimes you just need to chill the fuck out. Over thirty-five new intricate and meditative zentagle designs that feature classic and delightfully unique sweary words and mantras to help you relax, calm down and let go of all your stress and anxiety. Each single-sided page includes such stress-relieving words and phrases as 'Shit Tits', 'Dumbass', 'Thunder Cunt' and 'Wanker'. Why not try before you buy? Download four free pages at WARNING contains seriously colourful language!

📒Release Your Anger by James Alexander

Book Title : Release Your Anger
Author : James Alexander
Publisher :
Release Date : 2016-08-01
Pages : 84
ISBN : 1626544956
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Release Your Anger Summary :

📒Cheer The F Ck Up by Sasha O'Hara

Book Title : Cheer the F ck Up
Author : Sasha O'Hara
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2016-06-28
Pages : 86
ISBN : 1534602089
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Cheer the F ck Up Summary : From the creator of the Bestseller Calm the F*ck Down Did anyone ever tell you it's not good to brag? Well f*ck that! Give yourself a pat on the back. Own your own badass-ness. Tell the one you love how much you f*cking love them, with a little sugar and snark. This irreverently positive coloring book will not only help you relax and unwind, it will leave you with a sense of 'Hell Yeah!' after the world has tried to have its way with you. Cheer the F*ck Up is perfect for you if you like your self-help with a bit of sass, and your affirmations with a little piss and vinegar. It's an inappropriately awesome way to color and express the things you can't say. Enjoy 37 beautiful and fun to color illustrations, ranging from simple to detailed in complexity. Images include mermaids, fairies, animals and abstract designs. Sayings include "Do No Harm. Take No Shit," "Bite the Ass of Life," "Let's Get Weird," "Peace and Quiet. I like that shit.," "Don't Damage My Calm," and many more. For updates and free coloring page downloads visit

📒The Hidden Psychology Of Pain by Dr. James Alexander

Book Title : The Hidden Psychology of Pain
Author : Dr. James Alexander
Publisher : Balboa Press
Release Date : 2012-10-01
Pages : 470
ISBN : 9781452506814
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Hidden Psychology of Pain Summary : Chronic pain has been correctly described as the invisible crisis at the heart of contemporary life. Despite stunning advances in other areas of medical science, no similar breakthrough in the treatment of chronic pain has resulted from an exclusive focus on the body. Dr James Alexander’s young life was redefined by a tragic car accident in his late teens, and the chronic physical and emotional trauma inspired him to become a psychologist. Now pain-free, Dr Alexander has dedicated the last three decades of his life to helping others overcome similar challenges, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and psychological trauma. His success is proof that recovery from chronic pain is possible, and this guide offers a valuable resource for working toward that goal. The recovery from chronic pain requires that we revisit and challenge the outdated attitudes and practices that have been used with little result. With the proliferation of medical and psychological research, for the first time we are at a point in history where these notions of pain recovery can be validated by research-based evidence. For too long, Dr Alexander feels, we have been looking in all the wrong places. Specifically, the problem lies at the core of our culture, which still treats the physical and nonphysical aspects of the human as separate experiences. This innovative program involves a journey of self-discovery, a new way to approach medical and psychological care of chronic pain, and advice on the most effective types of help to pursue.

📒The Social Climber S Bible by Dirk Wittenborn

Book Title : The Social Climber s Bible
Author : Dirk Wittenborn
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2014
Pages : 297
ISBN : 9780143125204
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Social Climber s Bible Summary : In the same vein of The Hipster Handbook, a Johnson & Johnson heiress and a raconteur, screenwriter and producer show aspiring social climbers how to improve their lot in life and become more popular than they ever could have imagined with the help of insider advice and guidance. 50,000 first printing.

📒The Road Rage Coloring Book by James Alexander

Book Title : The Road Rage Coloring Book
Author : James Alexander
Publisher :
Release Date : 2017-12-20
Pages : 100
ISBN : 1981884092
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Road Rage Coloring Book Summary : Do you ever feel like screaming obscenities at shitty drivers when you're on the road?

📒Paper Towns by John Green

Book Title : Paper Towns
Author : John Green
Publisher : A&C Black
Release Date : 2013
Pages : 305
ISBN : 9781408848180
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Paper Towns Summary : Special edition slipcase edition of John Green's Paper Towns, with pop-up paper town. From the bestselling author of The Fault in our Stars. Quentin Jacobsen has always loved Margo Roth Spiegelman, for Margo (and her adventures) are the stuff of legend at their high school. So when she one day climbs through his window and summons him on an all-night road trip of revenge he cannot help but follow. But the next day Margo doesn't come to school and a week later she is still missing. Q soon learns that there are clues in her disappearance . . . and they are for him. But as he gets deeper into the mystery - culminating in another awesome road trip across America - he becomes less sure of who and what he is looking for. Masterfully written by John Green, this is a thoughtful, insightful and hilarious coming-of-age story.

Book Title : BULLSHIT 50 Swear Words to Color Your Anger Away
Author : Randy Johnson
Publisher :
Release Date : 2017-03-01
Pages : 104
ISBN : 1520548753
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

BULLSHIT 50 Swear Words to Color Your Anger Away Summary : Be honest, you've had a shitty day. Work? Neighbors? Pets? Kids? They all love to stress you out. Don't bottle it up, color what you want to say! With 50 designs, we've got any curse, swear, or putdown you can imagine, ready to fucking color! Express how you really feel about your boss, bad grades, your neighbor or the DMV. Color your way to less stres! Color to your fucking hearts content! 50 Unique Designs to Color!* Dozens of coloring pages designed for adults* Each coloring page is designed to help relax and inspire* The variety of pages ensure something for every skill level* Use your choice of coloring tool (pens, pencils, markers, crayons)* Each coloring page is on a separate sheetTAGS: black coloring book, midnight coloring book, black adult coloring book, midnight adult coloring book, sweary coloring book, swear word coloring book, swear words adult coloring book, bullshit book, bullshit coloring book, james alexander, memos to shitty people, calm the fuck down, chill the fuck out, sasha o'hara, johanna basford,adult coloring books black background,adult coloring books black paper

📒Calm The F Ck Down by Sasha O'Hara

Book Title : Calm the F ck Down
Author : Sasha O'Hara
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date : 2016-01-06
Pages : 50
ISBN : 1522864741
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Calm the F ck Down Summary : This best selling adult coloring book is the perfect way to unwind and relax for those with a subversive and irreverent sense of humor. Color the things you can't say. 21 single sided adult coloring pages and 2 color test pages. Moderate to complex in detail. Images include: Beautiful abstract doodles, animals, people and fairies. Each has its own sassy quip like "Home is where the vodka is," "Suck it up buttercup" and "Dance like no one attractive is watching," and other humorous and subversive sayings. CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. Be sure to check out Sasha's new release Chill the F*ck Out too! http: //