Illusion Town 2

đź“’Illusion Town by Jayne Castle

Book Title : Illusion Town
Author : Jayne Castle
Publisher : Penguin
Release Date : 2016-07-26
Pages : 352
ISBN : 9780698187429
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Illusion Town Summary : A new adventure begins on Harmony… With its opulent casinos and hotels, the desert city of Illusion Town is totally unique—and will take you on a thrill ride you’ll never forget. Hannah West isn’t the first woman to wake up in Illusion Town married to a man she barely knows, but she has no memory of the ceremony at all. For that matter, neither does Elias Coppersmith, her new husband. All either can remember is that they were on the run… With Hannah’s dubious background and shaky para-psych profile, she could have done much worse. The cooly competent mining heir arouses her curiosity—as well as other parts of her mind and body. And even her dust bunny likes him. But a honeymoon spent retracing their footsteps leads Hannah and Elias into the twisting underground catacombs, where secrets from both their pasts will come to light—and where the energy of their clashing auras will grow hot enough to burn…

Book Title : WALL OF ILLUSION Book 2
Author : Joseph A. Bulko
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release Date :
Pages :
ISBN : 9781462837533
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

WALL OF ILLUSION Book 2 Summary :

đź“’I Love The Illusion by Charles Tranberg

Book Title : I Love the Illusion
Author : Charles Tranberg
Publisher : BearManor Media
Release Date : 2007-08-31
Pages : 429
ISBN : 9781593930950
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

I Love the Illusion Summary : The definitive biography of an amazing personality... "BEST BOOK OF 2006!" - Classic Images "The perfect holiday gift, be it for Halloween or Christmas...One of THE most comprehensive and intelligently-written biographies out there, Bewitched-related or otherwise....This book NEEDS to be read. Plain and simple, without question. Bar-none." - Herbie J. Pilato, author of Bewitched Forever Lovers of old-time radio hold a special place in their heart for Agnes Moorehead. She was one of the busiest and most definitive actresses of that medium. The bottom line is that Agnes Moorehead is one of the few actresses who succeeded in every realm of show business: stage, radio, film, and television. The respect of her peers can be summed up in these statistics: four Academy Award nominations, seven Emmy nominations - with one win - two Golden Globe nominations - with two wins - and the Best Actress award from the New York Film Critics. This impressive, 400+ page biography, complete with filmography and radiography, proves to readers and scholars alike that she was much more than the witch of Endor! This is the 2nd edition of the bestselling book, including new cover, epilogue by Bewitched Forever author Herbie J Pilato, and copy of a lecture given by the author on the writing of the book!

đź“’Masters Of Illusion by Steven Rosefielde

Book Title : Masters of Illusion
Author : Steven Rosefielde
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release Date : 2007
Pages : 540
ISBN : 0521857449
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Masters of Illusion Summary : Assesses the forces that will buffet the United States and the global order through 2050.

đź“’Aesthetic Illusion by Frederick Burwick

Book Title : Aesthetic Illusion
Author : Frederick Burwick
Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
Release Date : 1990
Pages : 478
ISBN : 3110117509
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Aesthetic Illusion Summary :

Book Title : Clive Barker s Books of Blood
Author : Clive Barker
Publisher : Berkley Publishing Group
Release Date : 1986
Pages : 272
ISBN : 0425083896
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Clive Barker s Books of Blood Summary : Six horror stories deal with a haunted theater, messages from the dead, a series of gruesome subway murders, demons, cannibalism, and a monstrous giant

đź“’An Illusion Of Surplus by Barbara Gail Horning Demory

Book Title : An illusion of surplus
Author : Barbara Gail Horning Demory
Publisher :
Release Date : 1976
Pages : 412
ISBN : UCAL:B4516760
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

An illusion of surplus Summary :

đź“’Xtreme Illusions by National Geographic Society (U.S.)

Book Title : Xtreme Illusions
Author : National Geographic Society (U.S.)
Publisher : National Geographic Books
Release Date : 2012
Pages : 48
ISBN : 9781426310119
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Xtreme Illusions Summary : Presents a collection of vivid optical illusions, encompassing a wide range of visual tricks and deceptive eye puzzles, from images that appear to move to perplexing distortions and hidden objects.

Book Title : Perception Hallucination and Illusion
Author : William Fish
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release Date : 2009-04-07
Pages : 208
ISBN : 9780199888733
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Perception Hallucination and Illusion Summary : The idea of a disjunctive theory of visual experiences first found expression in J.M. Hinton's pioneering 1973 book Experiences. In the first monograph in this exciting area since then, William Fish develops a comprehensive disjunctive theory, incorporating detailed accounts of the three core kinds of visual experience--perception, hallucination, and illusion--and an explanation of how perception and hallucination could be indiscriminable from one another without having anything in common. In the veridical case, Fish contends that the perception of a particular state of affairs involves the subject's being acquainted with that state of affairs, and that it is the subject's standing in this acquaintance relation that makes the experience possess a phenomenal character. Fish argues that when we hallucinate, we are having an experience that, while lacking phenomenal character, is mistakenly supposed by the subject to possess it. Fish then shows how this approach to visual experience is compatible with empirical research into the workings of the brain and concludes by extending this treatment to cover the many different types of illusion that we can be subject to.

đź“’Beautiful Illusion by Christie Nelson

Book Title : Beautiful Illusion
Author : Christie Nelson
Publisher : She Writes Press
Release Date : 2018-05-01
Pages : 256
ISBN : 9781631523991
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Beautiful Illusion Summary : As the march of boots echoes from overseas, all nations that border the Pacific and beyond are invited to build pavilions on Treasure Island at the Golden Gate International Exposition, an event dedicated to the pursuit of world peace and brotherhood. Meanwhile, Lily Nordby, smart, strong-willed, and feisty, lands a job at the Examiner and is given a once-in-a-lifetime assignment covering the Exposition. There she meets Tokido Okamura, the host of the Japanese Pavilion—and despite being highly suspicious of his true purpose on the island, she’s swept up in a whirlwind of powerful emotions that lead her into unknown territory. Brilliant and enigmatic Woodrow Packard, a Mayan art scholar at the Expo, prefers remaining aloof and alone. But his infatuation and deepening relationship with Lily thrusts him into the limelight. He asks himself, could someone as smart and beautiful as she return the love of a man who is a dwarf? In an attempt to prevent Lily from spiraling into danger, Woodrow intercedes to help her uncover her family’s past—but when fate intervenes, they are both pulled into a destiny they could never have imagined. Mixing fact and fiction with a dash of noir, Beautiful Illusion is a story of love and deception that explores what happens when human hearts collide as the world is plotting war.