đź“’Breathe by Sarah Crossan

Book Title : Breathe
Author : Sarah Crossan
Publisher : A&C Black
Release Date : 2012
Pages : 373
ISBN : 9781408827192
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Breathe Summary : When oxygen levels plunge in a treeless world, a state lottery decides which lucky few will live inside the Pod. Everyone else will slowly suffocate. Be left breathless by this gripping, zeitgeist dystopian thriller

đź“’Breathe by Scott Magoon

Book Title : Breathe
Author : Scott Magoon
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2014-04-01
Pages : 40
ISBN : 9781442412583
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Breathe Summary : A young whale enjoys its first day of independence.

Book Title : Ayurveda Beginner s Guide
Author : Susan Weis-Bohlen
Publisher : Althea Press
Release Date : 2018-02-13
Pages : 180
ISBN : 1939754178
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Ayurveda Beginner s Guide Summary : When Susan Weis-Bohlen came across the Ayurvedic cleansing technique of panchakarma, she could not have imagined how the wisdom of Ayurveda would take shape in her life. What began as the release of damaging toxins and personal difficulties eventually grew into an impassioned vocation to guide others in their journeys towards a healthier state of mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda Beginner's Guide offers newcomers a clear explanation of Ayurveda's holistic principles and gentle guidance for incorporating them into your daily life. Learn to keep your body healthy and whole with an accessible overview of Ayurvedic concepts, Introduce Ayurveda into your lifestyle gradually and practically with a 3-week plan for beginners, Identify your predominant mind-body types-vata, pitta, or kapha-and keep them balanced with step-by-step practices, recipes, and more, Choose from a wide range of Ayurvedic Techniques, Healing Recipes including kitcharis and soups, Lifestyle Practices like yoga and aromatherapy, Spiritual Rituals such as mindfulness and meditation, Seasonal Cleanses & Adjustments that restore and revitalize

đź“’Breathe And Be by Kate Coombs

Book Title : Breathe and Be
Author : Kate Coombs
Publisher : Sounds True
Release Date : 2017-11-01
Pages : 32
ISBN : 9781622039388
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Breathe and Be Summary : I breathe slowly in, I breathe slowly out. My breath is a river of peace. I am here in the world. Each moment I can breathe and be. Hear thunder crash, feel your toes touch sand, and watch leaves drift softly away on a quiet stream. The simple poems in Breathe and Be help children learn mindfulness as they connect to the beauty of the natural world. Mindfulness teaches us how to stay calm, soothe our emotions, and appreciate the world around us. Whether we’re watching tiny colored fish darting in the water or exploring the leaves, branches, and roots of a towering tree, the thoughtful words and the lovely art of Breathe and Be remind us how much joy we can find by simply living with awareness and inner peace. Ages 4–8

đź“’Breathe by Mary Birch

Book Title : Breathe
Author : Mary Birch
Publisher : Hachette Australia
Release Date : 2019-01-08
Pages : 320
ISBN : 9780733641527
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Breathe Summary : Breathing comes naturally to everyone - right? No: not right. Thanks to a range of life, work and environment factors, many of us don't breathe properly - and it is having a major impact on our health and wellbeing. Your breathing affects your health, and it is also affected by what's going on in your life. Regardless of the cause, improving your breathing can bring relief, sometimes even within days. This is especially true for those living with stress, anxiety and panic, as incorrect breathing can cause and contribute to these disorders. This practical book by registered nurse and breathing retraining expert Mary Birch contains a week-by-week, step-by step-program to retrain the breathing pattern, as well as guidelines on lifestyle, exercise, food and nutrition. It also contains stories of people who have positively transformed their lives by learning to breathe properly. Part 1 provides an explanation of the link between overbreathing and stress, anxiety and panic symptoms. Part 2 contains a four-week program with weekly guidelines to help people experiencing these issues to improve their breathing pattern and gain long-term relief.

đź“’Breathe In Breathe Out by Pamela Hill Nettleton

Book Title : Breathe In Breathe Out
Author : Pamela Hill Nettleton
Publisher : Capstone
Release Date : 2004-01-01
Pages : 24
ISBN : 1404802541
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Breathe In Breathe Out Summary : Do you know what happens to air when you take a deep breath? Your lungs make sure your body uses the air the right way. Learn how your lungs move air to your blood in this story about your amazing body.

đź“’How To Breathe by Ashley Neese

Book Title : How to Breathe
Author : Ashley Neese
Publisher : Ten Speed Press
Release Date : 2019-04-02
Pages : 144
ISBN : 9780399582714
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

How to Breathe Summary : A simple guide to breathwork by a lauded expert that takes you through 25 simple practices for everyday situations, such as de-stressing, managing anger, falling asleep, connecting with others, and more. In How to Breathe, breathwork expert Ashley Neese gives practical guidance for channeling the power of your breath to help you tackle common challenges with mindfulness and serenity. The book first introduces you to the foundations of breathwork, outlining the research-supported benefits of the practice and explaining how the breath relates to emotions and resilience. Neese then offers 25 customized practices that she has created for clients over the last decade. Each practice features an introduction explaining the origin, benefits, and purpose of the breathwork, followed by step-by-step instructions and post-practice notes. With transporting photography and modern design, How to Breathe shows how small exercises can have a huge impact on daily health and happiness.

đź“’Breathe by Rebekah Hennes

Book Title : Breathe
Author : Rebekah Hennes
Publisher :
Release Date : 2008-01-01
Pages : 276
ISBN : 9781435707924
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Breathe Summary : Breathe is a food journal and a hunger and fullness monitor. It contains everything you need in order to begin the process of recovery. It has enough pages to last you six months. It contains a hunger and fullness scale, an emotion list and a flow chart to help you tell the difference between emotional and physical hunger. It also contains inspiring quotes and frequently asked questions.

đź“’Breathe by Vranich Belisa

Book Title : Breathe
Author : Vranich Belisa
Publisher : Hay House, Inc
Release Date : 2017-01-03
Pages : 240
ISBN : 9781781808757
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Breathe Summary : There is an aspect of health that we have all been taking for granted, but which is of vital importance to our well-being: the breath. The combination of the explosion of technology, longer hours spent seated at a desk or in a car, and high levels of daily stress have had a tremendous negative impact on the way we breathe. This in turn has created or even exacerbated medical problems such as high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia. The first book of its kind, Breathe is a fascinating and straightforward exploration of how our breath affects our health, and how we can use it to solve health issues from fatigue and anxiety to weight gain and poor digestion. In this book, clinical psychologist Belisa Vranich asks you to dedicate ten minutes a day for fourteen days to your breath. The result: more energy, less pain, lower cortisol (and control of belly fat), less GI problems and a better immune system. By combining anatomy and fitness with psychology and mindfulness, Belisa gives readers a way of healing from the inside out: by addressing ailments at the cellular level, with oxygen.

đź“’Breathe by Anne Bland

Book Title : Breathe
Author : Anne Bland
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release Date : 2009-08-18
Pages : 229
ISBN : 9781450003322
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Breathe Summary : It was a glorious passing, throughout the last nearly 24 hours family members sang with her, heard her laugh, and saw her give four okay signs with her hands as she gracefully passed to heaven. It was absolutely breathtaking. She spoke of running to a beautiful light as she drifted away. Mom declared she had risen and that day was the birthday of her everlasting life. The veil had been removed for our family during those wonderful hours prior to her passing. Dad and Christ called her home. This has all been part of God's plan and has provided us with inner peace.