All You Need To Know About The Music Business

Book Title : All You Need to Know About the Music Business Seventh Edition
Author : Donald S Passman
Publisher : RosettaBooks, LLC
Release Date : 2009
Pages : 458
ISBN : 0795309767
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

All You Need to Know About the Music Business Seventh Edition Summary : No one understands the music industry--from the technology, to the legalities, to the new industry practices--better than veteran music lawyer Donald Passman. In this completely revised and updated seventh edition of All You Need To Know About the Music Business, which the Los Angeles Times called “the industry bible” and which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, Passman offers executives and artists, experts and novices alike the essential information they need not only to survive in these volatile and exciting times, but also to thrive. Drawing on his unique, up-to-the-minute experience as one of the most trusted advisors in the business, Passman offers advice concerning: - The Copyright Royalty Board’s latest decisions regarding online transmissions. - The developing new customs concerning new technologies such as streaming on demand, ringtones, and digital downloads. Passman also gives guidance on other fundamental issues such as how to: - Select and hire a winning team of advisors--personal and business managers, agents, and attorneys--and structure their commissions, percentages, and fees in a way that will protect you and maximize these relationships. - Master the big picture and the finer points of record deals. - Navigate the ins and outs of songwriting, music publishing, and copyright law. - Maximize concert touring and merchandising deals. Almost everyone in the music business, from musicians and songwriters to entertainment lawyers and record company executives, are scrambling to sort out what is going to happen next, and Passman is right in the thick of these changes. Here is a book for anyone interested in a music career: a comprehensive and crucial guide to making it in one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

Book Title : All You Need to Know About the Music Business
Author : Donald S. Passman
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 2015-11-10
Pages : 544
ISBN : 9781501104909
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

All You Need to Know About the Music Business Summary : “The industry bible” (Los Angeles Times), now updated, essential for anyone in the music business—musicians, songwriters, lawyers, agents, promoters, publishers, executives, and managers—trying to navigate the rapid transformation of the industry. For more than twenty years, All You Need to Know About the Music Business has been universally regarded as the definitive guide to the music industry. Now in its ninth edition, this latest edition leads novices and experts alike through the crucial, up-to-the-minute information on the industry’s major changes in response to today’s rapid technological advances and uncertain economy. Whether you are—or aspire to be—a performer, writer, or executive, veteran music lawyer Donald Passman’s comprehensive guide is an indispensable tool. He offers timely, authoritative information from how to select and hire a winning team of advisors and structure their commissions and fees; navigate the ins and outs of record deals, songwriting, publishing, and copyrights; maximize concert, touring, and merchandising deals; understand the digital streaming services; and how to take a comprehensive look at the rapidly transforming landscape of the music business as a whole. The music industry is in the eye of the storm, when everyone in the business is scrambling to figure out what’s going to happen to the major labels and what it will mean for the careers of artists and business professionals. No musician, songwriter, entertainment lawyer, agent, promoter, publisher, manager, or record company executive—anyone who makes their living from music—can afford to be without All You Need to Know About the Music Business. As Adam Levine, lead singer and guitarist of Maroon 5, says, “If you want to be in music, you have to read this book.”

Book Title : The Music Business Advice Book
Author : Bobby Owsinski
Publisher :
Release Date : 2018-08-03
Pages : 300
ISBN : 1946837008
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The Music Business Advice Book Summary : The music business can prove to be a difficult career road when you're first starting out, but it can be traveled a lot easier with some helpful guidance from a pro who's willing to share a few hard-earned hints. The Music Advice Book is a compilation of the pearls of experience from 130 top music pros from various segments of the industry who have previously shared their most important tips on Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast over the course of almost 5 years. These 150 tips cover everything from following your passion, learning to network, and working well with your musical team, to owning your own content and even figuring out how much to charge for your services. Also included are even some useful music production words of wisdom, as well as the indispensable "10 Rules Of Networking." These insights are essential for those new to the music industry but valuable to seasoned pros as well.

Book Title : Kohn on Music Licensing
Author : Al Kohn
Publisher : Aspen Publishers
Release Date : 2010
Pages : 1731
ISBN : 9780735590908
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Kohn on Music Licensing Summary : Whether you are a music publisher or songwriter looking to maximize the value of your music catalog, or a producer, ad agency, or internet music service seeking to clear music rights for products, performances, and other uses, let the authors who have over 70 years of hands-on experience take you through the various music licensing processes, type-by-type and step-by-step. In clear, coherent language, they provide detailed explanations of the many kinds of music licenses, identify the critical issues addressed in each, and offer valuable strategy and guidance to both rights owners and prospective licensees. Kohn on Music Licensing, Fourth Edition: Walks the reader through the history of the music publishing business, from Tin Pan Alley to the user-generated content phenomena of the present. Dissects the songwriter agreement, providing the reader with a clause-by-clause analysis and offering the best negotiating strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. Guides the reader through the complexities of co-publishing agreements, administration agreements, and international subpublishing agreements, with a report on the rapidly changing music licensing landscape in Europe. Takes on the intricacies of licensing music in sound recordings, from the traditional CD format to the newer delivery methods, including downloads, streams, ringtones and ringbacks--including the rates and terms used in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. Confronts the pitfalls of licensing music for audiovisual works (synchronization licenses) using history as a guide, from the early talkies through streaming internet content. Explores new media and its impact on the licensing process. Technological developments have forced the industry to rethink licenses when dealing with videogames, computer software, karaoke, and digital print (including downloadable sheet music, lyric database websites, and digital guitar tabs.. Sizes up the digital sampling controversy and offers up suggestions for negotiating licenses for digital samples. Explores the ever-evolving concept of Fair Use and its application to the music industry. Provides the reader with a look at the landscape of licensing fees, including "going rates" for synch, print, radio & TV advertising, new media, and other licenses, to assist in negotiating the best rates for their clients. Proven tips and suggestions, along with the most up-to-date analysis, are given for the technical aspects of music licensing, from the perspective of both the rights owners and prospective licensees, including How to "clear" a license Advice on maximizing the value of your music copyrights Formalities of licensing Duration of copyright, renewal and termination of grants Typical fees And more Turn to this valuable resource for more than 160 forms and sample license agreements available on the companion CD-ROM.

đź“’Rockonomics by Alan B. Krueger

Book Title : Rockonomics
Author : Alan B. Krueger
Publisher : Currency
Release Date : 2019-06-04
Pages : 336
ISBN : 9781524763725
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Rockonomics Summary : Alan Krueger, a former chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, uses the music industry, from superstar artists to music executives, from managers to promoters, as a way in to explain key principles of economics, and the forces shaping our economic lives. The music industry is a leading indicator of today's economy; it is among the first to be disrupted by the latest wave of technology, and examining the ins and outs of how musicians create and sell new songs and plan concert tours offers valuable lessons for what is in store for businesses and employees in other industries that are struggling to adapt. Drawing on interviews with leading band members, music executives, managers, promoters, and using the latest data on revenues, royalties, streaming tour dates, and merchandise sales, Rockonomics takes readers backstage to show how the music industry really works--who makes money and how much, and how the economics of the music industry has undergone a radical transformation during recent decades. Before digitalization and the ability to stream music over the Internet, rock stars made much of their income from record sales. Today, income from selling songs has plummeted, even for superstars like James Taylor and Taylor Swift. The real money nowadays is derived from concert sales. In 2017, for example, Billy Joel earned $27.4 million from his live performances, and less than $2 million from record sales and streaming. Even Paul McCartney, who has written and recorded more number one songs than anyone in music history, today, earns 80 percent of his income from live concerts. Krueger tackles commonly asked questions: How does a song become popular? And how does a new artist break out in today's winner-take-all economy? How can musicians and everyday workers earn a living in the digital economy?

Book Title : Confessions of a Record Producer
Author : Moses Avalon
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
Release Date : 2016-03-01
Pages : 360
ISBN : 9781495063763
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French


Book Title : Music The Business
Author : Ann Harrison
Publisher : Random House
Release Date : 2014-07-03
Pages : 416
ISBN : 9780753555705
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Music The Business Summary : This essential and highly acclaimed guide, now updated and revised in its sixth edition, explains the business of the British music industry. Drawing on her extensive experience as a media lawyer, Ann Harrison offers a unique, expert opinion on the deals, the contracts and the business as a whole. She examines in detail the changing face of the music industry and provides absorbing and up-to-date case studies. Whether youâe(tm)re a recording artist, songwriter, music business manager, industry executive, publisher, journalist, media student, accountant or lawyer, this practical and comprehensive guide is indispensable reading. Fully revised and updated. Includes: The current types of record and publishing deals, and what you can expect to see in the contracts A guide to making a record, manufacture, distribution, branding, marketing, merchandising, sponsorship, band arrangements and touring The most up-to-date information on copyright law and related rights An in-depth look at digital downloads, streaming, online marketing and piracy Case studies illustrating key developments and legal jargon explained.

đź“’Music Is Your Business by Christopher Knab

Book Title : Music Is Your Business
Author : Christopher Knab
Publisher : Fourfront Media and Music
Release Date : 2013
Pages : 354
ISBN : 097434205X
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Music Is Your Business Summary : New Edition! Completely Updated and Expanded This book takes the mystery out of the NEW music business! The music industry has changed dramatically in the last five years. You need the "latest" information on how the music industry is set up, and you need legal information that is current, accurate, and targeted to independent record labels and musicians-whether you're an experienced performer or just starting out. Music industry veteran Christopher Knab's honest, no-nonsense information empowers you to sell, promote, publicize, and perform your music. Learn how to work with industry professionals, prepare a career plan and publicity campaign, connect with your fanbase, grab the attention of distributors, get radio airplay, negotiate offers for live performances, and create a demand for your music with traditional methods and social networking strategies. Entertainment law attorney Bartley F. Day's straight-to-the-point legal chapters include Making Sense of Music Industry Contracts, Recording a Cover Version, Trademarking Band Names, Insider Tips for Hiring a Music Attorney, Filing Copyright Applications, Recording Contract Advances and Royalty Rates, and a new chapter on the controversial 360 Deals now offered by many record labels. This edition is filled with brand new topics like Radio's Reasons Not to Play a Record, and updated favorites like, Ten Reasons Why Musicians Fail (and How Not To), and Con Jobs: Watch Out for the Flim-Flam Man. There's a sample Four Front Music Marketing Plan, a Distributor One-Sheet, a Band Tour and Work Schedule, a Band Bio, and much, much more. At 343 pages, this edition is over 70 pages longer than the 3rd edition. Newly revised, illustrated, and indexed, the 4th edition of "Music Is Your Business" is the essential book for independent musicians and record labels, and is used as a college and university textbook.

Book Title : Cool Careers Without College for Music Lovers
Author : Kerry Hinton
Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group
Release Date : 2002
Pages : 140
ISBN : 0823935035
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Cool Careers Without College for Music Lovers Summary : Presents job descriptions, education and training, salary, and the outlook for various careers in the music industry that do not require a college degree, including DJ, audio engineer, and broadcaster.

Book Title : Writing Better Lyrics
Author : Pat Pattison
Publisher : Writer's Digest Books
Release Date : 2001-07-15
Pages : 192
ISBN : 1582970645
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Writing Better Lyrics Summary : Offers warm-up exercises and advice on using a rhyming dictionary and thesaurus, using metaphors and similes while avoiding clichâes, and experimentating by following or breaking conventional rules.