A Square Meal 4

đź“’A Square Meal by Jane Ziegelman

Book Title : A Square Meal
Author : Jane Ziegelman
Publisher : Harper
Release Date : 2016-08-16
Pages : 336
ISBN : 0062216414
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

A Square Meal Summary : From the author of the acclaimed 97 Orchard and her husband, a culinary historian, an in-depth exploration of the greatest food crisis the nation has ever faced—the Great Depression—and how it transformed America’s culinary culture. The decade-long Great Depression, a period of shifts in the country’s political and social landscape, forever changed the way America eats. Before 1929, America’s relationship with food was defined by abundance. But the collapse of the economy, in both urban and rural America, left a quarter of all Americans out of work and undernourished—shattering long-held assumptions about the limitlessness of the national larder. In 1933, as women struggled to feed their families, President Roosevelt reversed long-standing biases toward government-sponsored “food charity.” For the first time in American history, the federal government assumed, for a while, responsibility for feeding its citizens. The effects were widespread. Championed by Eleanor Roosevelt, “home economists” who had long fought to bring science into the kitchen rose to national stature. Tapping into America’s long-standing ambivalence toward culinary enjoyment, they imposed their vision of a sturdy, utilitarian cuisine on the American dinner table. Through the Bureau of Home Economics, these women led a sweeping campaign to instill dietary recommendations, the forerunners of today’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. At the same time, rising food conglomerates introduced packaged and processed foods that gave rise to a new American cuisine based on speed and convenience. This movement toward a homogenized national cuisine sparked a revival of American regional cooking. In the ensuing decades, the tension between local traditions and culinary science has defined our national cuisine—a battle that continues today. A Square Meal examines the impact of economic contraction and environmental disaster on how Americans ate then—and the lessons and insights those experiences may hold for us today. A Square Meal features 25 black-and-white photographs.

đź“’Three Squares by Abigail Carroll

Book Title : Three Squares
Author : Abigail Carroll
Publisher : Basic Books
Release Date : 2013-09-10
Pages : 344
ISBN : 9780465040964
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Three Squares Summary : We are what we eat, as the saying goes, but we are also how we eat, and when, and where. Our eating habits reveal as much about our society as the food on our plates, and our national identity is written in the eating schedules we follow and the customs we observe at the table and on the go. In Three Squares, food historian Abigail Carroll upends the popular understanding of our most cherished mealtime traditions, revealing that our eating habits have never been stable—far from it, in fact. The eating patterns and ideals we’ve inherited are relatively recent inventions, the products of complex social and economic forces, as well as the efforts of ambitious inventors, scientists and health gurus. Whether we’re pouring ourselves a bowl of cereal, grabbing a quick sandwich, or congregating for a family dinner, our mealtime habits are living artifacts of our collective history—and represent only the latest stage in the evolution of the American meal. Our early meals, Carroll explains, were rustic affairs, often eaten hastily, without utensils, and standing up. Only in the nineteenth century, when the Industrial Revolution upset work schedules and drastically reduced the amount of time Americans could spend on the midday meal, did the shape of our modern “three squares” emerge: quick, simple, and cold breakfasts and lunches and larger, sit-down dinners. Since evening was the only part of the day when families could come together, dinner became a ritual—as American as apple pie. But with the rise of processed foods, snacking has become faster, cheaper, and easier than ever, and many fear for the fate of the cherished family meal as a result. The story of how the simple gruel of our forefathers gave way to snack fixes and fast food, Three Squares also explains how Americans’ eating habits may change in the years to come. Only by understanding the history of the American meal can we can help determine its future.

đź“’Square Meals by Jane Stern

Book Title : Square Meals
Author : Jane Stern
Publisher : Random House Incorporated
Release Date : 1985-08-01
Pages : 337
ISBN : 0394741625
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Square Meals Summary : Presents hundreds of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, all based on old pamphlets, product brochures, community cookbooks, and popular cookbooks that first appeared between 1920 and 1960

Book Title : Big Bird s square meal
Author : Emily Thompson
Publisher : Golden Books
Release Date : 1988-07-01
Pages : 30
ISBN : 0307131076
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Big Bird s square meal Summary : Shapes and colors are the focus of these stories featuring the Muppets of Sesame Street

đź“’The 8x8 Cookbook by Kathy Strahs

Book Title : The 8x8 Cookbook
Author : Kathy Strahs
Publisher : Burnt Cheese Press
Release Date : 2015-12-01
Pages : 188
ISBN : 0996911200
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

The 8x8 Cookbook Summary : Author Kathy Strahs elevates the simple 8x8-inch square baking dish into a dinnertime secret weapon for busy families. Beyond the usual brownies and casseroles, The 8x8 Cookbook offers 64 recipes for modern "square meals."

Book Title : 5 Square Low Carb Meals
Author : Monica Lynn
Publisher : William Morrow
Release Date : 2004-06-01
Pages : 224
ISBN : 006058999X
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

5 Square Low Carb Meals Summary : The founder of 5 Squares, a food delivery service that caters to celebrities and everyone who wants to lose weight safely and easily, offers more than 100of her Zone– and low–carb recipes, in a plan for healthy eating––five daily meals at a time. Over the past several decades, Americans have learned that you can lose weight without giving up variety, taste, and colour from your diet. Instead, the trend in diets is to find a longterm way to eat healthily, lose weight and keep it off, and enjoy meals instead of avoiding them. By choosing the right combination of carbs, fat, and protein, the body processes foods more efficiently. Monica Lynn, founder of 5 Squares, has run a successful delivery service for the past several years using a low–carb, low–fat approach to dining. The company's philosophy is that by eating 5 healthful meals a day, the metabolism runs smoothly and continuously, rather than receiving a load of calories to process at larger meals. 5 Squares eliminates "empty calorie foods" that contain wheat and sugar, in favour of foods that help build lean muscle mass.In 5 Square Meals, Lynn shares six weeks' worth of meals and snacks, lays out the principles of healthy eating on the plan, and helps readers make the switch to a feel–good lifestyle with such tools as shopping lists and food and exercise journal pages. 5 Square Meals appeals to anyone who wants to "eat clean" but not go hungry, and brings healthy lifestyle into homes.

đź“’Square Meals by Jane Stern

Book Title : Square Meals
Author : Jane Stern
Publisher : Lebhar-Friedman
Release Date : 2000-10-10
Pages : 349
ISBN : 0867308206
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Square Meals Summary : This revised and updated edition of the classic Square Meals is a celebration of American food from the 1920s through the 1950s, a salute to the days of lunch counters and the times when Sunday dinner was hearty and special.

đź“’Ensuring A Square Meal by Devasahayam Theresa W

Book Title : Ensuring a Square Meal
Author : Devasahayam Theresa W
Publisher : World Scientific
Release Date : 2018-08-20
Pages : 264
ISBN : 9789813231917
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Ensuring a Square Meal Summary : Research on women and food security in Southeast Asia has been limited. The collection of chapters in Ensuring a Square Meal: Women and Food Security in Southeast Asia is one of the first attempts at providing a lens into the linkages between women and food security at the household, community, national, and transnational levels. More broadly, the chapters examine women's contribution in households, resource distribution to produce food, and the purchasing power to buy food. In analysing the various facets of food security in relation to gender, the analyses focus on the meanings of 'private' and 'public', and the extent to which the effects of the two spheres spill over into each other. Given women's critical role in food production and provision, the book assesses the structural forces enabling women to access productive resources and, in turn, ensure sustainable strategies for food security; as well as it evaluates how governments might address the constraints women face in this vital role.

đź“’Family Table by Michael Romano

Book Title : Family Table
Author : Michael Romano
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release Date : 2013
Pages : 336
ISBN : 9780547615622
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

Family Table Summary : Features recipes served among the staff at such acclaimed New York City restaurants as Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe, including such dishes as Dominican chicken, holiday roast pork, and molasses corn bread.

đź“’97 Orchard by Jane Ziegelman

Book Title : 97 Orchard
Author : Jane Ziegelman
Publisher : Harper Collins
Release Date : 2011-05-31
Pages : 272
ISBN : 9780061288517
Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

97 Orchard Summary : In 97 Orchard, Jane Ziegelman explores the culinary life that was the heart and soul of New York's Lower East Side around the turn of the twentieth century—a city within a city, where Germans, Irish, Italians, and Eastern European Jews attempted to forge a new life. Through the experiences of five families, all of them residents of 97 Orchard Street, Ziegelman takes readers on a vivid and unforgettable tour, from impossibly cramped tenement apartments, down dimly lit stairwells, beyond the front stoops where housewives congregated, and out into the hubbub of the dirty, teeming streets. Ziegelman shows how immigrant cooks brought their ingenuity to the daily task of feeding their families, preserving traditions from home but always ready to improvise. 97 Orchard lays bare the roots of our collective culinary heritage.